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Who is Sperling?

Sperling ApS. was founded in 1999 by Flemming Sperling with a vision to assemble the common machining methods in a saw plant, in order to meet the needs he saw in a fast-growing industry plagued by machines with limited functions and material delivered in unmanageable sizes.

By combining the most commonly used machining processes, with automation for managing raw materials and finished parts, he created a concept: DTC90 - Drill, Tap, Cut 90. 

A concept that is still competitive today -  almost 25 years later.


The first DTC90 - Still running today!



We always strive for our solutions to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, both when it comes to the choice of components - where we use the most energy-efficient ones, and when it comes to materials - where our solutions are programmed to utilize the material to the full and minimize waste.


Danish quality

Here you are always sure to get machining solutions of the highest quality. We select components with an emphasis on durability and performance, and help with tool selection so you can efficiently deliver the best to your customers.

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