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What is DTC90?

 Modular machine system 

The machine system is built up of modular units, adapted to the desired working area, and is equipped with machining units, clamping fixtures and transport equipment according to task. We supply machine guards, auxiliary equipment and workplace equipment so that the system forms an overall  CE - certified production section

The machine is built up of 3 basic modules: Material handling, machining and workpiece handling. Additional modules can be added as needed, to handle any Finishing tasks such as e.g. Deburring and marking of items.

What can it do?

  • Drilling / milling / threading

  • Item management

  • Automatic tool change

  • Subject recognition

  • Marking of items

  • Marking for weld, bend, cut etc.

Gather your processes 

Data Cloud
Screenshot 2022-01-03 155614.png

Collect your data 

We can offer customer-specific data collection systems for all types of registration and which are specially developed for quality measurement in production.
The system is delivered with a specified number of measuring points, which are stored under serial numbers / order numbers and can form the basis for product certification, limit alarms and statistics.

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Read our PDF with more info about DTC90

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