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Get all your profile processing in one machine

with a DTC90 SPERLING profile machining center

  • Multiple production lines in one machine

  • Optimized workflow

  • Low conversion time

  • Reduced time consumption per. item

  • Reduced cost of production

  • Increased efficiency

  • No manual item handling

  • Optimized working environment

  • Reduced sick days per employee

  • Avoid work injuries

  • Lean - higher efficiency, fewer resources

  • I 4.0 Data Integration

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Recognize this?

Aluminum Factory

Small Series

You have many small series to make, but they are too small and changeable for you to have found an opportunity to automate

Difficult materials

The materials you need are difficult to handle, transport and store 

industry machine

Multiple setups

The tasks you perform, require several setups, or are through multiple workstations before the product is finished

Machine demanding tasks

Your production is burdened by many expensive machines with only a few processing-applications

Maker in Workshop

Harmful  working positions

Your production suffers from tasks that contain poor working postures, or repetitive  movements

Labour consuming tasks

To keep production up, you have many employees to handle the same machining tasks


We can help you streamline your production

The DTC90 series is developed as a modular system and can therefore be easily adapted to all your needs for profile processing, so you get all your work processes in one place.

The DTC90 series is produced by our partners: Akea Automation A / S in Thisted

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